Call for Nomination for the President and Board Members in 2023-2027

Deadline for submission of nomination documents March 31, 2023; see the message of Masayuki Murayama, Chair of the RCSL Election Committee:

Dear colleagues,

Following the RCSL rules and the decision of the ISA, we will hold our election for the president and board members for the 2023-2027 term. All regular RCSL members are entitled to nominate candidates for the president and board members. Self-nomination is also possible. Nominated candidates must be regular RCSL members and must agree in writing to be a candidate. Once elected, the president and board members must be regular RCSL and ISA members in good standing. If you would like to make a nomination, please send a nomination document to the chair of the election committee, by March 31, 2023. A nomination document should include an agreement to stand, a short statement of motivation and CV of the candidate. Please note that a nomination document must be no more than one page of A4 size in Word format.

This document must be signed by the proposer, who can be the applicant in person.

If you are not a RCSL member in good standing but would like to nominate a candidate, please renew your membership or join RCSL now. For membership renewal, please see the attached file. For joining RCSL, please visit the following RCSL site:  

We are looking forward to receiving your nominations!

Best regards,

RCSL Election Committee:
Masayuki Murayama, Chair
Mavis Maclean
Letizia Mancini
Germano Schwartz

Circulated to the RCSL members on 4 February 2023

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