2022 Global Meeting on Law and Society

The 2022 Global Meeting on Law and Society, co-sponsored by RCSL, took place in Lisbon, 13-16 July 2022. Its theme: Rage, Reckoning & Remedy – See its official website.

Host of the event: ISCTE-IUL

Official ISCTE-IUL Photo Gallery

Complete Program On Line (unacessible on 2 September)

Program Book produced July 2022 by L&SA

Access to the Local Arrangements Committee Conference Guide for download (takes some seconds):  84 pages of useful information about the conference, about LAC Panels, about guided tours, about film sessions, about Lisbon !

For a short introduction to the event in Portuguese, see document available for download, as well as the web pages created by the two ISCTE Research Units in charge with the material preparation of the event :

Summaries of papers presented at the Oñati Community sessions


Call for papers – Deadline for submissions is November 22, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. ET (USA and Canada).
Announcement of the event on the website of the Law & Society Association
Information circulated by L&SA on 9 August 2021
Announcement of the theme on the L&SA website
RCSL Students Funding for the Lisbon Conference

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