2025 RCSL Meeting in Rabat

In 2025, RCSL holds its annual meeting within the framework of the V ISA Forum of Sociology, Rabat, Morocco, 6-11 July 2025, organized under the heading Knowing Justice in the Anthropocene.

The International Sociological Association (ISA), to which RCSL belongs, organizes 2025 in Rabat an international Forum of Sociology. An ISA Forum of Sociology is a world gathering of researchers in sociology ambitioning to contribute to global public debates with practically relevant inputs. The 2025 topic, Knowing Justice in the Anthropocene, might be translated in the following question: how to develop a better knowledge – and a better distributed knowledge – about place and role of mankind in the biosphere to which it belongs.

Instead of having a separate meeting in 2025, RCSL will participate in that ISA Forum (for details about this decision, see RCSL Newsletter 2024(1), p. 6). The main reason for this is that the topic Knowing Justice in the Anthropocene, building on the notion of justice, directly connects to our research domain, and it challenges us to give emphasis to environmental issues, currently not among the issues highlighted by RCSL structure of working groups.


The three first steps in the preparation of the Forum are (see also the ISAforum25 Guidelines, p. 6: https://www.isa-sociology.org/en/conferences/forum/rabat-2025/v-isa-forum-guidelines ):

Until 1st of July 2024: Call for sessions. Interested RC-Members are invited to propose Paper presentation sessions, Roundtable sessions, or Poster sessions.

Until 31 July 2024: RC Programme Coordinators have to finalize the list of the RC Sessions, ie in our case the draft programme of RCSL activities at Rabat.

Until 15 October 2024: Call for abstracts.

After these three first steps, the main next steps are the selection (until 10 November) and, when necessary, the relocation (until 30 November) of abstracts, the final sessions scheduling (until 15 December), the registration of presenters (until 22 March 2025), and the publication of the Online Programme (9 May 2025).


RCSL Programme Coordinator for the Rabat ISA Forum is Pierre Guibentif.

This page last updated 19 June 2024