Podgórecki Prize 2021

Nominations should be sent by 15th of March 2021. Learn here more about the Prize.

The Podgórecki Prize alternates each year between awards for outstanding achievements in socio-legal research, for (1) distinguished and outstanding lifetime achievements, and (2) outstanding scholarship of a socio-legal researcher at an earlier stage of his or her career. In 2021, the Prize goes to a senior legal scholar for outstanding lifetime achievements. 

Further information can be found on this site, on the pages
What is the Podgórecki Prize
and Podgórecki Prize – Rules.

The prize will be a commemorative certificate. Nominations for the RCSL-ISA Podgórecki Prize require the support of two or more RCSL members. All nominations will be reviewed by an Award Subcommittee, consisting of three socio-legal scholars nominated by the RCSL Board. The members of the 2021 Podgórecki Prize Committee are: Sharyn Roach Anleu, Australia (chair), Stefan Machura, U.K., Germano Schwartz, Brasil.

The nominations should be sent to Sharyn Roach Anleu till the 15st of March 2021. The prize will be awarded at the RCSL Conference in Lund/Sweden in August 2021.

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