Call for the IISL Scientific Directorship

A call for the Scientific Directorship of the International Institute for the Sociology of Law (IISL), term September 2022-August 2024, has been issued. Applications should be submitted by 15 April 2021. (Call closed)

The International Institute for the Sociology of Law, IISL, Oñati, in cooperation with Ikerbasque -Basque Foundation for Science, is issuing a call through the RCSL for nominations for the position of Scientific Director of IISL. The 2-year term of the present Scientific Director (SD) at IISL Oñati will end in August 2022 for a start of the new Director in September 2022. Outstanding scholars working in the field of studies on law and society around the world are invited to submit their application as candidate to Scientific Director of the IISL for the year 2022 to 2024.

The IISL in Oñati is a leading institution for the sociology of law, with an international reputation. IISL receives students and faculty from around the world to Oñati for a master program and has created a worldwide network of socio legal scholars and researchers based in Oñati through hosting a number of international workshops, conferences and Summer Courses each year, as well as individual visitors. IISL Oñati has one of the leading libraries for sociology of law, can offer grants to support visitors, and publishes a highly regarded series of books and journals. It makes an important contribution to the reputation of the Basque Country for academic research and professional training, and plays an important part in the life of the RCSL. IISL celebrated its 30th anniversary with a Conference in Oñati in June 2019.

The Oñati Scientific Director becomes for the time of his/her term a fellow of the Ikerbasque Foundation for Scientific Research in the Basque Country and a distinguished professor of the University of the Basque Country. Candidates have to meet the qualifications for excellence of the Ikerbasque Foundation and have a doctorate (Ph.D. or equivalent) received 8 years before application. The excellence criteria include scientific merit and research track, interest of the Research Statement provided in the application, relevance of research topic and latest publications, and concordance with Basque research capabilities, in this case the Oñati IISL (see Foundation’s regulations apply to the salary.

The SD will have an office in the Institute, with the support of all the staff of the Oñati Institute. Family accommodation is provided in the Antia College Residence in Oñati at a moderate cost.

If you are willing to be nominated and serve, please send a letter of motivation, your CV, a research statement and a list of publications by 15 April 2021 to Pierre Guibentif, email: pierre.guibentif<at>, the chair of the independent Nominating Committee appointed by RCSL President Ulrike Schultz.

The Nominating Committee will review all applications to check whether the Ikerbasque requirements are met and present a short list to the RCSL Executive Committee and the RCSL President who will forward the names of two candidates through the Scientific and the Administrative Director of the Oñati Institute to the Ikerbasque Foundation for Review. The final candidate will be selected by the IISL Board. You can find a detailed and interesting description of the role of the SD in organising and promoting the academic work of IISL and a profile of the SD, on the RCSL website. For further information contact Pierre Guibentif or Ulrike Schultz ulrike.schultz<at> If you have questions about the current SD role or about the Basque scientific environment, please contact Martin Ramstedt, the current Scientific Director (m.ramstedt<at> For details of the administrative status of the SD please contact the Administrative Director Maite Elorza ( m.elorza<at> ).

Independent Nominating Committee appointed by RCSL President Ulrike Schultz: Luigi Cominelli (Milan), Angélica Cuéllar Vázquez (México City), Pierre Guibentif (Chair, Lisbon / Paris)

Call on the official website of Ikerbasque

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