Race, Gender, Violence and Violation of Rights – Intersections in the 21st Century: Call for a Special Issue of “Sortuz”

At the occasion of this call, the new editorial team of Sortuz – Oñati Journal of Emergent Socio-Legal Studies addresses a special invitation to members of RCSL to contribute to the journal.

Papers proposed to be included in this special issue should be submitted by 1 November 2021. For details about the submission procedure, see the official site of Sortuz. See also the letter of the new editorial team, composed by Ivan Daldoss, Julia Maia Goldani, Izabela Zonato & Leire Kortabarria, about its strategy for the future development of the journal. Here we also have to emphasize the timely correspondence of the topic of the issue in preparation and the one of the 2022 Global Meeting on Law and Society (Lisbon, 13-16 July 2022).