About this site

Sociology of Law in the World is the website of the Research Committee on Sociology of Law of the International Sociological Association.

It is currently maintained by Pierre Guibentif, from the RCSL Board.

An earlier version, designed according to guidelines of the RCSL President at that time, Laurence Boigeol, has been published since November 2006, hosted by ISCTE, Lisbon, under http://rcsl.iscte.pt/index.htm.

This new site, for the moment in a provisional format, has been set up with the valuable help of André Guibentif in December 2020. It is planned to transfer on it the whole contents of the former site.

Warm thanks to Vincenzo Ferrari for extremely valuable details about the history of the RCSL.

Critical comments as well as materials submitted to be included are welcome.

This page last updated 17 January 2021