Podgórecki Prize


The ISA Research Committee on the Sociology of Law established the Podgórecki Prize in 2004, to honour the memory of Adam Podgórecki, the founding father of RCSL and a leading figure within the international sociological community.

A jury of RCSL, chosen by the RCSL President, awards the prize annually for outstanding achievements in socio-legal research, in alternate years for either distinguished and outstanding lifetime achievements, or outstanding scholarship of a socio-legal researcher at an earlier stage of his or her career.

The prize for lifetime achievements will be awarded as an honorary prize, symbolised by a commemorative certificate, to honour outstanding and exemplary colleagues who have produced guiding and inspiring work. The prize for emerging socio-legal scholars will be a commemorative certificate and a money prize, to honour and encourage colleagues that have yet to leave a mark on the international level of production of socio-legal research but who have published one or more significant works within no later than 10 year of his or her doctorate.

See also the Podgórecki Prize rules.

Up to now, the prize was awarded to:

2019: Mavis Maclean

2018: Ayako Hirata

2017: Laurence Friedman

2016: Leonidas Cheliotis

2015: André-Jean Arnaud

2014: Iker Barbero

2013: Volkmar Gessner and Terence Halliday

2012: Fatima Kastner and Stefan Larsson

2011: David Nelken (Italy)

2010: Flora di Donato (Italy)

2009: Boaventura de Sousa Santos (Portugal)

2008: Liora Israël (France)

2007: Richard Abel (USA) and Vincenzo Ferrari (Italy)

2006: Hasegawa Kiyoshi (Japan)

2005: Erhard Blankenburg (The Netherlands)

For more details, see the Podgòrecki Prize Rules and the currently issued call