Former composition of the RCSL Board: see our archive pages

RCSL Governing Bodies 2023

Members in the positions with * can vote.


          • Pierre Guibentif, Portugal/France

     Immediate Past President

          • Ulrike Schultz, Germany


          • Stefanie Lemke, Netherlands / Germany


          • Teresa Piconto-Novales, Spain 
          • Dee Smythe, South Africa

     Elected Board Members*

          • Pablo Leandro Ciocchini, Argentina
          • Julia Dahlvik, Austria
          • Stefanie Lemke, Netherlands / Germany
          • Laura Noemi Lora, Argentina
          • Teresa Piconto-Novales, Spain
          • Katrin Seidel, Germany
          • Dee Smythe, South Africa

     Coopted Board Members

          • Joxerramon Bengoetxea, Spain
          • Ole Hammerslev, Sweden
          • Susana Santos, Portugal         

     Current IISL Scientific Director Statutory Observer Board Member

          • Sabine Frerichs, Austria        

     Working Group Chairs*

          • Civil Justice and Dispute Resolution
                    •  Hideaki Irie
          • Comparative Legal Culture
                    •  Agnieszka Kubal
          •  Comparative Studies of Legal Professions
                    •  Avrom Sherr
          •  Gender, Law and Society
                    •  Letizia Mancini and Barbara Giovanna Bello
          •  Human Rights
                    •  Dani Rudnicki
          •  Judicialization of Social Problems
                    •  João Velloso
          •  Law and Development
                    •  Pedro Fortes and David Restrepo-Amariles
          •  Law and Migration
                    •  Rashmi Jain and Kyriaki Topidi
          •  Law and Politics
                    •  Angélica Cuellar Vázquez
          •  Law and Popular Culture
                    •  Stefan Machura
          •  Legal Pluralism
                    •  Martin Ramstedt
          •  Social and Legal Systems
                    •  Stine Piilgaard Porner Nielsen and Luisa Teresa Hedler Ferreira
          •  Sociology of Constitution
                    •  Jiří Přibáň
          •  Knowledge and Opinion About the Law – Legal Consciousness
                    •  Balázs Fekete

     Podgorecki Young Scholar Prize Winner

          • Alysia Blackham, Australia (2020-2023)

Executive Committee

          •  Pierre Guibentif, Portugal / France (President)
          •  Teresa Piconto-Novales (Vice-president)
          •  Dee Smythe, South Africa (Vice-president)
          •  Stefanie Lemke, Netherlands / Germany (Secretary)
          •  Pablo Ciocchini, Argentina/Singapore (Editorial Committee)
          •  Laura Noemi Lora, Argentina (Elected Member of the Executive Committee)
          •  Germano Schwartz, Brazil (Elected Member of the Executive Committee)

Editorial Committee

          •  Pablo Ciocchini, Argentina/Singapore (Chair)
          •  Stefan Machura, U.K. (former chair)
          •  Stefanie Lemke, Netherlands / Germany
          •  Pedro Fortes, Brazil
          •  Swethaa Ballakrishnen, USA, India, UE
          •  Mavis Maclean, U.K.
          •  Shozo Ota, Japan

RCSL Representatives at the IISL Board

    • Pierre Guibentif, Portugal / France (ex officio)
     • Ole Hammerslev, Sweden (Elected by the RCSL Board)
     • Teresa Piconto-Novales, Spain (Elected by the RCSL Board)
     • Shalini Randeria, India / Hungary (Appointed by ISA Presidency)
     • Dee Smythe, South Africa (Elected by the RCSL Board)
     • Ulrike Schultz, Germany (Elected by the RCSL Board)

Podgòrecki Prize Committees                                           
       (Independent of the Governing Bodies)                    

• Hilary Sommerlad, University of Leeds, United Kingdom (Chair)
• Balázs Fekete, Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, Hungary
• Laura N Lora, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Derecho, Argentina

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