RCSL resources are the fees paid by members. You can help RCSL by making donations through the Donations page of the IISL website. Donations can be done for general support of RCSL activities, or for specific attribution as the Podgorecki Prize.



Donators List (to be updated)


Marie-Bénédicte Dembour (Renato Treves Grant)

Marisa Fassi  (Renato Treves Grant)

Lawrence Friedman (Adam Podgòrecki Prize)

David Trubek (Renato Treves Grant / Adam Podgòrecki Prize)

2011:        [back to list]

Michelle Cottier (Renato Treves Grant)

Johannes Feest

Vincenzo Ferrari (Renato Treves Grant)

Elisabeth Jane Kelsey

Mirjam Kunkler

Jerzy Kwasniewski

Rogélio Perez Perdomo

Silvia Niccolai

Hideo Sanjo

2010:        [back to list]

Pompeu Casanovas

Jerzy Kwasniewski

Susanne Karstedt

Maria Los

David Trubek

2009:        [back to list]

Tetty Havinga

Anne Meuwese (Treves Grant)

Ubaldo De Vries

2008:        [back to list]

Kristian Andenaes

Michelle Cottier

Małgorzata Fuszara

Linda Haller

Jerzy Kwasniewski

2007:      [back to list]

Judith Blau

Lawrence M. Friedman

2006:     [back to list]

Fiona Cownie (General Donation to the RCSL; Renato Treves Grant)

Athanatos Papachristou (General Donation to the RCSL; Renato Treves Grant)

Harm  Schepel  (Renato Treves Grant)

David and Louise  Trubek  (General Donations to the RCSL)

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Reza  Banakar (Adam Podgòrecki Prize)

Erhard  Blankenberg  (Renato Treves Grant)

Sandra  Burman  (Adam Podgòrecki Prize)

Kai D.  Bussman  (General Donation to the RCSL; Renato Treves Grant)

Malcolm  Feeley  (General Donation to the RCSL)

Vincenzo  Ferrari  (Adam Podgòrecki Prize)

Don  Fleming  (Renato Treves Grant)

Lawrence  Friedman  (Adam Podgòrecki Prize)

Judith  Fudge  (Renato Treves Grant)

Volkmar  Gessner  (Renato Treves Grant)

Jacek  Kurczewski  (Adam Podgòrecki Prize)

Philip  Lewis.  (General Donation to the RCSL)

Maria  Los  (Adam Podgòrecki Prize)

Richard  Mohr  (Renato Treves Grant)

Ion  Vladut.  (Renato Treves Grant)

David and Louise  Trubek  (General Donation to the RCSL)

Alex  Ziegert.  (Adam Podgòrecki Prize)

(to be completed)


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