Podgórecki Prize Rules

  1. Purpose
  2. Eligibility
  3. Recognition
  4. Nominations
  5. Selection Process
  6. Timeline
  7. Institutional Recognition of emergent legal scholars

In honour and memory of the lifetime achievements of Adam Podgórecki and his inaugurate place in the history of RCSL, the Board of RCSL established the annual RCSL-ISA Podgórecki Prize at its 2004 meeting. Gifts from donors have made it possible to endow the Prize.

  • Eligibility    [back to contents]

    The Prize is awarded for outstanding achievements in socio-legal research, either (1) in the form of distinguished and outstanding lifetime achievements in one year or (2) in the form of outstanding scholarship of a socio-legal researcher at an earlier stage of his or her career, in the next year of the award.


(1). The prize for lifetime achievements will be awarded as an honorary prize, symbolised by a commemorative certificate, to honour outstanding and exemplary colleagues who have produced guiding and inspiring work.

(2). The prize for emerging socio-legal scholars will be a commemorative certificate and two times RCSL 4 years membership free, to honour and encourage colleagues that have yet lo leave a mark on the international level of production of socio-legal research but who have published one or more significant works within no later than 10 year of his or her doctorate (date of reference: 1 January of the first year).

Nominations for the RCSL-ISA Adam Podgórecki Prize require two or more supporting RCSL members. Nominations will be solicited every year through the Fall issue of the RCSL Newsletter.

  • Selection Process    [back to contents]

    All nominations will be reviewed by an Award Subcommittee, consisting of three socio-legal scholars nominated by the RCSL Board. Publications can be in any language. For works in languages other than those known by the prize committee, the nominators should give some indications of the values of the work and ideally provide selected translations. To consider works in less well-known languages, the Prize committee can co-opt further members and consult with other members of the research committee.


The RCSL Board nominates the Award Subcommittee during the Board annual meeting. Nominations are received by the committee usually by end of March. The Prize is awarded at the RCSL annual meeting.

  • Institutional Recognition of emergent legal scholars      [back to contents]

“The winner of the Podgórecki Prize for emergent legal scholars shall be a non-voting member of the Board for the subsequent two years.” (RCSL Statutes 2010, art. 5.2. in fine)

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