WG Law and Migration

The Working Group on Law and Migration has been in existence from 2007 in RCSL. It organizes sessions in every conference organized by RCSL and ISA. We had a panel discussion in Jaipur on Citizen Amendment Act, being promulgated in India under the banner of WG in December 2023. The Indian members of WG have been successful in having a vibrant Research Committee on Sociology of Law in Indian Sociological Society. We have members from various parts of the globe like India, Brazil, Japan, Italy, Argentina and USA.

Prof. Rashmi Jain

Recently, the Working Group on Law and Migration organised a panel in the LSA event in Lisbon in 2022 and a panel in the Lund RCSL event.

Activities planned for the immediate future include a co-chaired panel in Bangor with the Working Group on Gender, Law and Society (led by B.G. Bello and L. Mancini) (September 2024) and we are looking at putting together a joint workshop with the same WG on Gender on intersectionality in the second half of 2024.

Kyriaki Topidi

Page last updated 27 June 2024

Relevant material about the WG former activities may be found on the old RCSL Website.