Working Groups

Civil Justice and Dispute Resolution
Hideaki Irie

Comparative Legal Culture
Marina Kurkchiyan

Comparative Studies of Legal Professions
Avrom Sherr

Gender, Law and Society
Barbara Giovanna Bello
and Letizia Mancini

Human Rights
Dani Rudnicki

Law & Urban Space
(Currently no active RCSL WG on this topic)

Judicialization of Social Problems (created 2021)
João Velloso

Law and Development (created 2017)
Pedro Fortes and David Restrepo-Amariles

Law and Migration
Rashmi Jain
and Kyriaki Topidi

Law and Politics
Angélica Cuellar Vázquez

Law and Popular Culture
Stefan Machura

Legal Pluralism  (created 2020)
Martin Ramstedt

Social and Legal Systems
Lucas Konzen and Germano Schwartz 

Sociology of Constitution  (created 2015)
Jiří Přibáň

Knowledge and Opinion about the Law – Legal Consciousness
(launched as Project Group in July 2022, established as Working Group in January 2023)
Balázs Fekete

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